Movement + Stillness + Mindfulness +Self-Improvement + Mind-Body Connection


Train your mind like you train your body

The Navy Seals they have a saying: “when your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.” Mental training empowers you with the tools to break through your mental limitations and achieve your peak performance. Mental training can be the difference between coming in first or coming in second place and, if you are an athlete, learning how to train your mind is just as important as how you train your body.

It’s time to make a shift

We all get stuck. Becoming unstuck is a matter of becoming more aware of our patterns and coming into the present moment. In this way we connect with what’s really happening, and then we can do something different, make different choices, and act from our heart instead of our head.

Uniting Stillness and Movement brings a life of flourishing

If we start to train our minds, we get to a place where we stop believing what we think. We start to see that who we really are is not our thoughts; that we can access calm and peace through being silent and slowing down. We discover that everything we need to heal our minds, hearts, and bodies, we already have within us and that even in the chaos of our lives and in the intensity of our training we can still find stillness. We can always access stillness no matter what is occurring around us and no matter what we’re experiencing.

You are more than an athlete (you are more than what you do).
Athleticism is not who we are; it doesn’t define us. Too often we lose sight of who we really are, and our happiness becomes dependent on our success or failure. Then, for whatever reason, when we don’t live up to our own expectations, or when we can no longer perform the activity we’ve identified with, we jeopardize our happiness and well-being. With the right training we can access a part of ourselves that is deeper that provides a reliable source of happiness. Often it is when our identity begins to fall apart, that we find the greatest opportunity for growth...

Find balance in your life

We can learn the tangible skill of how to prioritize and manage our time in order to get the most out of all facets of life. This skill is the antidote to overwhelm, and the feeling that we have too much on our plate. Along with mental training, this empowers us to dedicate ourselves to what really matters in our lives.