I help adults and teens achieve balance and flow in their life through therapy and mindfulness training.

Multi-Modality Coaching & Talk Therapy

Using different modalities (CBT, mindfulness therapy, coaching) I facilitate a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding, enabling you to get unstuck, find a deeper sense of peace, and reach your peak performance.

Movement-Based Nature Therapy

We will move together outside and connect in a therapeutic relationship. Movement stimulates the brain, enabling parts of yourself to come out that wouldn’t necessarily arise in a typical therapeutic setting.


My passion is helping others to manage their stress, anxiety, and depression.  I believe in working with people from where they are in life.  Each one of us intuitively knows what we need in order to work through life's struggles.  Through mindfulness, self-inquiry, being outdoors, and moving our bodies, I can help you to find more peace and stillness in a time of stress and intensity.  Believing that you already have everything you need to get through the difficult times in your life is essential.